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Hello, Authors

Let's get you on your way

My first novel attracted huge attention. I approached twenty-seven agents one Monday morning. By the end of that day I had nine requests to see the full manuscript. By the end of the submission process, I had 19 manuscript requests which became five offers of representation. My novel The End of the Line is now published across the world by Canelo and Bolinda Audio and has attracted critical-acclaim from some of fiction's top authors.


If you need a fresh pair of eyes on your novel, some critical feedback, someone to help guide you through the submission process to land that dream agent, or want some marketing advice to get your sales rocketing, then get in touch.

I can't wait to hear from you! Call me today and let me help finding solutions to your problems.


I am available for three and six-month mentorship programmes. A mentorship will involve a one-to-one collaboration, with multiple reads and edits of the first 5,000 words, as well as project deadlines, q&as and guidance on the publishing process.


Shorter than a mentorship,
a shakedown will help to get your book ready for sending to agents with a one-off look at your writing with a detailed report on suggested improvements to both prose and story, and a single q&a session.


So your book is ready to go to agents. You've been working on it for years and you don't want to fall at the final hurdle. I can help you select which agents to submit to, asses and tailor your covering letter and synopsis, and give your book its best chance for success.


Have a book published and want to make sure it gets
the limelight it deserves? I can help. With over 12 years experience in marketing with small to no-budgets, I can help you form strategies to grow your audience and achieve steady sales.


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