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Hello, Publishers

Help is at hand

Whether it's for full time, part-time, or have-you-got-the time work, in the office, working from home or helping at an event, I'm available to pitch in, brimming with creative ideas, a cheerful demeanour and a strong work ethic. I'm experienced in campaign and brand management for big budget, shoestring and no budget campaigns. I am adept at project management, idea generation, media partnerships and design, copy, content and editorial work. If you want someone who's easy to work with, self-motivated, flexible, reliable, well-organised, and who can give you peace of mind, then I can help.

See below for the services I can provide.

I can't wait to hear from you! Call me today and let me help finding solutions to your problems.


Have a book that you need to bring to the masses and don't know where to start? Or need
an extra pair of hands on a campaign you have already begun? I have run No.1 Sunday Times bestselling campaigns for many large brands, delivering creative, innovative and award-commended strategies, 
for a huge variety of genres.


Eager for a fresh pair of eyes and some new ideas? I can examine your current strategies, suggest quick, easy wins or new directions, and inform on best practice to make effective changes to
improve your performance.


I have helped build b2b
and b2c platforms, monthly newsletter strategies, seasonal and thematic promotions, events and festival promotions.
For bigger, non-title specific campaigns, my top organisational skills deliver brilliant results.


Confident in InDesign, Photoshop and Office, I have designed brochures, catalogues, flyers, guides and social media cards and I can do the same for you. I am also experienced in working with designers (both in the office and freelance) to deliver clear, creative results.


Copylines, taglines,
blurbs, blogs, newsletters, interviews, features,
articles or any piece of content,
I have an adaptable voice for house styles and can write concisely and engagingly
on any subject.


Having run newsletters for Orion Crime, Bounce and my own author brand, with constant audience growth and delivering open and click through rates far above average, I can help you strategise, optimise or even run your e-newsletter campaigns to deliver measurable results and grow your business.


I have a wealth of experience in organising and running events that both entertain and engage audiences. Whether it's for a celebration, raising an author's profile, or to introduce a fabulous new list of titles, I can organise an event that will look fabulous and achieve real results.


I have extensive experience of running social media channels, including my own author feeds and Orion's Crime presence. Using analytics and digital strategy, I am available to time table and compose your social media posts and provide your channels with content to grow your audience, increase engagement and make your product a success.


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